Back To Pensacola Beach!

Hello everyone. Sorry it has been while as our business has been booming! We finally got some time to sit down with another Charter Boat Captain out of Pensacola Beach Florida to go over some of the tackle he has been using for his success this year.

This week we have Captain Ryan Maxwell of Doubled Up Fishing Charters. Captain Ryan and his team of fisherman are some of the best Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters out there. With years of experience and tons of knowledge we talked to him about some of the tackle he uses.

First thing he said when asked about what tackle to use he said the bigger the swivel the better you will do! Finding this hard to believe I went and looked and sure enough he had marlin swivels on his inshore fishing gear. We both had a laugh and he continued to tell me about the right kind of lures that are catching a lot of fish.

The first lure he talked about was a twinkle fly. These flashing lures have an awesome presentation for fast moving fish like mackerel and bonita, We recommend the tsunami brand of lure for choice. they weigh about 3/8 of an ounce. Smaller weighted lures like that are great for subsurface action.

Another great lure for fishing in Pensacola is a Yo-Zuri Mag minnow. Ryan told us they use there lures for trolling. Mainly seeking king mackerel but he has also caught Bonita, Black fin tuna, spanish, and cobia!

These are a couple great lures you can use if you are ever out in Pensacola Beach. Also, give doubled up fishing charters a call and go fishing with Captain Ryan. You are sure to not be disappointed!